Imported Courses

Your fall 2017 (Term 1183) and spring 2018 (Term 1186) courses have been imported from Blackboard. Here’s how to identify them: look for the term and class number, which matches what you see in Blackboard. Ignore all of the numbers that follow.

If you do not see your exported course

As much as we tried, we were unable to import all of the fall 2017 and spring 2018 courses from Blackboard to Brightspace due to various data errors, etc. If you do not see the course with the material you need, you may be able to migrate the course to Brightspace yourself.

If you decide not to teach out of Brightspace

It is essential that you let your project liaison know ASAP so that we can remove your class from the fall launch group. As shown below, students will see a note in their portal listing all of the courses being taught in Brightspace, and we don’t want to cause any confusion.