Zoom Usage Reports

Need to know which students attended your zoom sessions and for how long?


1. Log into your CCC Zoom account at http://cccedu.zoom.us 

2. Click Reports then Usage

zoom interface with Reports selected and arrows pointing to "Reports" and "Usage"


3. Select a date range and click Search

4.  Click on the number (#) in the Participant column to view the list of attendees

Zoom usage report interface with date range and participant column highlighted

Table of Contents


Local Recordings

You might use Youtube as or a video editing tool. 

You  have different options for depending on where your recording was saved. 

Cloud Recordings

Go to cccedu.zoom.us

In Zoom, go to My Recordings. Select the desired recording and edit the recording.


Local Recordings

Save or upload your recordings to a cloud file sharing service, like OneDrive, Dropbox, Box, or Google Drive and share the link.

Cloud Recordings

In Zoom, go to My Recordings.  Under the desired recording, click Share.  The pop up will have the recording link to share.