How can I set my availability for student appointments in Navigate?

You control your schedule for student appointments. Review it periodically to be sure it's configured correctly.

In order to offer students scheduled appointments, staff must define the times they can provide specific services. This availability can change as often as needed.

Start by logging in to Navigate, then follow these steps:

  1. From the staff homepage, click on the “My Availability” tab.
  2. Click the drop-down arrow next to “Actions” and select “Add Time.”
  3. Add Availability:
    -Select the availability type by clicking “Appointments,” “Drop-Ins,” and “Campaigns.”
    -For Care Unit, choose your office: Tutoring, Advising, Financial Aid, etcetera.
    -Click each day of the week that you are available at the same time (ex: Mon, Wed, and Fri)
    -Select the range of time that you take appointments on those days (ex: 10:00 am – 12:00 pm). If you offer appointments at different times (ex: morning and afternoon, with a break for lunch), you will need to set them up as separate availabilities.
    -Select the length of time that this availability is in effect (ex: this term, forever, a range of weeks)
  4. What types of services are you open for during this time? Select every type of service that you provide from the list that your office has defined for students. You can select multiple.
    -Important: a student won’t be able to book time with you for a service if you do not list yourself as available for that service.
  5. Add contact information that your student may need like a Zoom link or a phone number. This information will display in the email confirmation that a student will get when they book an appointment with you.
  6. Will you be meeting more than one student at a time? Enter the maximum number of students who can meet you per appointment time. This will almost always be one.
  7. Click Save.

You can review a help guide for setting availability with screenshots here

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