How do I associate a quiz to a Grade Item in my Gradebook?

Do you create a grade item first or the online assessment first? 

It is a chicken or egg situation. Ultimately it does not matter. What matters is that they are connected.

To verify the connection either

  • -go to the Grades tool-> Manage Grades to confirm the association with your quiz.
associate a quiz with a gradebook item
  • OR
  • -go to the  Quizzes tool-> beside the quiz, look for this Grade Item Symbol  Grade Item symbol

To associate your quiz to your grades, create a Grade Item with the same name.

You can either create the Grade Item ahead of time in your grades, or you can create the grade item while you are creating your quiz when you are creating a link from Content or the Quiz tool.

  1. From the Quiz tool, locate your quiz
  2. Use the Dropdown menu to select edit
  3.  On the Assessment tab, complete the Grade Item portion of this form.

Select a Grade Item or [add grade item]

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