How do I create an assignment from the content module area?

1) To create an assignment using the content page, locate the course navigation bar and click the tab for “Content.”

2) Click on the content module where you would like the assignment to go. (Or add a new module)

click on module or submodule

3) Click on the blue button titled “Upload/Create”.

4) This will generate a drop-down menu. Click on “New Assignment.”

5) On the next page, create your new assignment by providing a title and a list of instructions.

6) You can also choose for this assignment to be an individual submission OR a group submission.

7) After adding this information, click “Publish” (or “Save as Draft”)

8) On the next page, you can add additional parameters for this assignment. You can:

Add attachments
Specify dues dates/time restrictions
Limit the number of submissions allowed
Add a grade to the assignment

9) If you go back to the content page, you will now see the assignment included within your content module. The assignment has been created!

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