We’re switching from Blackboard to Brightspace in spring 2019–now what?

Confirm your courses

All spring 2019 courses have been migrated to Brightspace. If you do not see the courses you were expecting, please reach out to your Office of Instruction.

Build your course shells

Either start from scratch or copy course content from your previous courses.
  1. Fall 2017, spring 2018, and summer 2018 courses have been migrated to Brightspace
  2. If you are looking for Blackboard content older than fall 2017 you can export it from Blackboard.

Complete your course checklist

The course checklist will help you set up your course. Submit your completed checklists to your TIS to receive your Launched pin!

If you use rubrics…

  1. The courses migrated by OIT will contain properly mapped rubrics
  2. If you exported the Blackboard course yourself, you will need to contact OIT to have your rubrics imported

How to make your course available in Brightspace

As you know from the Foundations Training in Brightspace, your course availability for students is controlled by the course start and end dates listed in PeopleSoft CS9 (aka My.CCC.edu). Your course will automatically open and close on those dates.

If you want your course to “open” or “close” on another date, you can manage that on the Course Admin > Course Offering Information page.

We’re here to support you!