‘Edit your Language Settings through settings cog.


You can toggle between the English and Spanish keyboard (shift + alt keys). Then you can press the apostrophe key and then any vowel to get the accent mark over it á. é, í, ó, ú, press the .key for the Spanish ñ







If you do not want to add the Spanish keyboard then use the shortcuts below. Type the number using the number pad on your keyboard.

No. You do not have to do anything.

 You, as the instructor of your course, can choose when to make your course active or inactive.

  1. Click Course Admin -> Course Offering Information
  2. Scroll down and modify the dates the Course is active
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Fall 2020 -Getting started

Tech 4 U Making Technology Work for You (Brightspace Newsletter, rebranded for YOU) These past several months have put additional demands on all of you, including the need

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Summer 2020 -Midterm

Summer 2020 | Midterm   Spreading sunshine all over the place… As midterms quickly approach, we continue to focus on students by informing them of their progress

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Brightspace Student Help @CCC

CCC Brightspace Quick Guide doc for Students There is no formalized training on Brightspace for students. Every class is is unique. Instructors control activities within

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Assessments link in Nav Bar

Fall 2019 – Assessments

Assessments Tests and Quizzes, Assignments, TurnItIn and Rubrics are tools within Brightspace you can use to evaluate students and measure student learning. Use the knowledgebase

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