No. You do not have to do anything.

 You, as the instructor of your course, can choose when to make your course active or inactive.

  1. Click Course Admin -> Course Offering Information
  2. Scroll down and modify the dates the Course is active
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In the Announcements Tool >Click more Actions > Click Restore > Check the message (you want to bring back) > Click Restore

AnnouncementTool Screen shot

In Brightspace, your course availability to students is controlled by the course start and end dates listed in (PeopleSoft/CS9).

If you want your course to “open” or “close” on another date, you can manage that on the Course Offering Information page.

To Manage Course Availability and Dates

1.  Click on Course Admin > Course Offering Information

2.  Change your course Start and End Dates to control when the course will open and close

3.  Click Save

image of course offering information
update start date and end date and hit save