Get started with Brightspace! Review the Foundations training.

The Foundations training provides us with a common experiences and language.   

Take the Self-Paced Online Foundations Training to review this training and earn a digital badge. 

Please register yourself for the online, asynchronous version of the Foundations Training class

1.    Login to

2.    On the NavBar, select My Brightspace and then Self Registration from the dropdown menu.

3.      Follow the directions to enroll in this training course called: “Instructor Online Training Course (Brightspace Foundations): The Brightside”


View the six Foundations Videos with V. Pell

Videos: Visit  – CCC Instructional Technology YouTube site contains CCC-created videos like a Foundations review, TII, Student overview, course copy and more for you and our students

Foundations Handouts  

They contain directions for: 
    • Getting Around 
    • Managing course availability options 
    • Sending an email to students 
    • Creating an announcement 
    • Adding a module 
    • Uploading a file (syllabus) and deleting a file  
    • Creating an assignment and associating it with a grade item 
    • Extra Challenges for you to explore on your own.