How do I upload my syllabus?


The major components of the course reside in the content area.  We use the Content tab of the Course NavBar and then we will create modules (holding or storage locations) for the materials that will be shared with students.

Go to Content: where you build out & organize your course material and content, and where your students access your course material and activities. Create a module that will store the Syllabus for the course.  Click on the Add module link and name this module “Syllabus”.  Once the name is typed in and the enter key is pressed, the screen changes to reveal that the syllabus module and been created and is waiting to store items. Now upload the course syllabus.

Keystroke Instructions

Add a New Module

  1. From Content, under the Table of Contents, click in the “Add a module…” box

  2. Type a name for your module

  3. Press enter on your keyboard or click outside the text box to create your module

  4. Once you create your module you can set date restrictions, add a description, and manage the availability.

Add a File like Syllabus

  1. From Content, click on the module where you want to add your file

  2. Click on Upload/Create and select Upload Files

  3. Click My Computer and navigate to the file(s) you want to upload

  4. Click Add

  5. Select your file to Attach

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