Once you have created your assignment in Content, go to the Assignment tool.  On the TurnItIn tab, enable GradeMark and other TurnItIn options.

  • After a Turnitin enabled assignment has been submitted, you will be able to assess the papers through TurnItIn’s feedback studio. To evaluate students’ papers with feedback studio:
  1. Access the TurnItIn submissions through the Assignment tool
    • Course Admin -> Assignments


  •  Assessments -> Assignments
  1. View Submissions
  2. Click on the submission title link
  3. Click Markup Document
  4. In TII, grade all submissions
  5.     In Brightspace, go Back to Submissions
  6. Select submissions
    • Mark as Read
    • Publish Feedback


Situation:  Sometimes instructors would like to leave comments on successive drafts for an assignment with the ability to see the comments from a previous draft.  These assignments are used with revisions to documents as students move through the writing process. 

Question:  How do I allow students to submit multiple drafts of the paper/assignment without their being flagged as plagiarized? 

Two Possible Solutions:  Note that both solutions require modifications in Tutnitin’s Optional Settings.

  1.  Allow students to resubmit to the same assignment.  That way, the submitted papers are not compared against each other. However, resubmissions overwrite previous ones. 

To have work not identified as plagiarized but overwrite any previous submissions, create a Final Assignment Folder: 

a.  Under the Turnitin tab, Click More Options–>Optional Settings.

b.  Under Submission Settings, select Standard Paper Repository.

c.  Under Similarity Reports, select Generate reports immediately (students can resubmit until due date). 

 2.  Create different assignments to retain the draft/revision progression.  Create one assignment for the rough draft (or two or three assignments for the rough drafts, depending on how many drafts you assign as part of the process) and one assignment for the final.  Then, don’t have students submit the draft(s) to the repository, only the final version. 

To have work not identified as self-plagiarized and keep submissions, create a Drafts assignment(s):

 a.  Unde rthe Turnitin tab, ensure that Originality Reports are selected. 

b.  Click More Options–>Optional Settings.

 c.  Under Submission Settings, select Do not store the submitted . . .  

d.  Under Similarity Reports, select Generate reports immediately (students cannot resubmit). 

e.  Then, create a Final Assignment Folder.

f.  Under the Turitin tab, click More Options–>Optional Settings.

 g. Under Submission Settings, select Standard Paper Repository .

h.  Under Similarity Reports, select Generate reports immediately (students cannot resubmit). 


  1.  To manually grade a student paper,  locate the specific assignment using Turnitin feedback studio and start grading it.
  2. Once you are inside the feedback studio, on the top right of the page there is a field where you can enter grades for each student.
  3. Use the arrows to the right of the grade field to navigate to the next paper submission.


  1. After a student has submitted a document into the Assignment submission folder, the report will initially appear as “In Progress” while the information is submitted to Turnitin.

 2.  After the percentage appears in the Reports column, click Grade and Leave Feedback to grade using the Assignments tool or click the Originality Report percentage directly if you wish to view.

3.  In the Feedback area, select the Originality Report to view the document.

4.  A new browser tab will open from Turnitin containing the student Originality Report. The report is divided into two panels:

a.  On the left side is the student’s paper with any sections highlighted that the Turnitin system believes might be improperly cited or not original work.

b. On the right side is the source Turnitin found that matches the student’s submission.

5.  Turnitin’s Grademark function can be accessed in two ways:

a. From the Turnitin report (select GradeMark)

b. From the Brightspace Feedback page (select the Markup Document icon).

6.  When you look at the screen, ETS eRater comments will appear in purple. As you read the student’s paper, you can Dismiss or Add Comments to the items that Turnitin has already marked for you by hovering over the highlighted area and using the fly-out window.

7.  Add comments (blue) by selecting one of the QuickMark comments located on the right side of the screen and dragging it onto the paper where it is needed.

8.  Edit the QuickMark comments by hovering over the highlighted area of the comment until you see the Edit button on the fly-out window.

9. Manually add comments by clicking on the paper and entering text in the box provided. If there is a comment you make frequently on your students’ papers,  make your own QuickMark by clicking on the Save as a new QuickMark link.