Alternate Ways to Access Class Rosters and Email Students if Brightspace is Down


In the unlikely event that Brightspace goes down, you can use these resources to reach out to your students in other ways.

Email Your Students from Navigate

  • 1. Log into Navigate for Instructors
  • 2. Click on the students’ names you want to send a message to based on the course you want to communicate with (or select all students if desired)
  • 3. Click on Actions
  • 4. Click Send Message
  • 5. Compose your message and click Send

Email Your Students from

  • 1. Log into
  • 2. Go to the Roster page for your class
  • 3. Click the button on the bottom that says “Notify all students”
  • 4. You will be taken to a page where you can bcc everyone and send your message (or copy and paste the addresses into Outlook to email your students)

Finding your class Zoom Link outside of Brightspace

If you rely on Brightspace to locate your class Zoom link, all is not lost.

  • 1. Log into with your ccc credentials
  • 2. Locate your meeting information
  • 3. Click on the title of the meeting and click “copy meeting invitation”
  • 4. Use one of the methods above to email it to your students
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