How do I create a Grade Item?

  1. Click Grades from Assessments or Course Admin from the Navbar once you are in your course.

2.  Click Manage Grades.

3.  Click New and then Item from the dropdown.

4.  Select the Grade Type Item.

5.  Enter Name and Short Name, Description and other information that appears based on the type of item you selected.  

6. Click Restrictions and select preferences, if applicable.

7.  Leave Objectives blank.

8.  Click Save and Close at the bottom. 

To enter grades in the item you just created:

  1.  Click Enter Grades.
  2.  Find the column for the grade item you just created.
  3. Click Grade All from the dropdown next to the grade item’s name.
  4. Enter the grades and click Save and Close at the bottom. 
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