How do I add feedback and evaluations to assignment submissions?

  1. On the NavBar, click Assessments -> Assignments.
  2. On the Assignment Submission Folders page, from the context Menu of the folder you want to Evaluate, click the drop-down arrow and select View Submissions.


On the Submissions page Scroll down and directly select the submission you want to grade. You may also click on the submissions tab to view all submissions.

On the Submissions page, you may also do one of the following:

  • If you want to evaluate an individual user, click the feedback icon Evaluate link for their submission. To add evaluations using an attached rubric, on the Evaluate Submission page, in the Evaluation panel, click the Assess All Rubrics icon. Add a Score for the submission, and any additional Feedback, including text, audio, or video files.
  • If you want to return feedback on multiple downloaded submissions at once, click Add Feedback Files. Upload your compressed .zip file using the same format that is was downloaded with, then click Add.
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