How do I create and deploy a test or quiz?

Create a New Quiz from Content

  1.  Go to Content in your course

  2.  Locate the module where you want the quiz to appear

  3.  Click on Upload/Create button

  4.  Select New Quiz from the dropdown menu

  5. Enter a Name for your quiz, instructions

  6. Click Save

  7. On the next page, click Quiz Setup

  You will then be taken to the Quiz Setup tool

Create a New Quiz from the Quizzes Tool

  1.  Go to Quizzes tool (Course Admin > Quizzes)

  2.  Click New Quiz

  You will then be taken to the Quiz Setup tool

Quiz Setup Tool

Properties Tab

 Name the quiz.

 Category: (Optional) This allows instructors to group quizzes for increased organization. 

Click add category, create a category and click Save for a category to appear.

 Add/Edit Questions: Click this to start building your quiz (see section below)

 New quiz questions can be typed manually by clicking the New button and selecting question type 

 Quiz questions can also be imported from the Question Library or a csv template file

Description/Introduction:  Text can be added in either one of these areas.  The description appears before the quiz availability and the introduction appears on the informational page students see before taking a quiz.  To add text, type into space provided and click the radio button for On to make the text appear on the quiz. 

Page Header/Footer:  Text can be added in either one of these areas.  Text will appear at the top or bottom of every page in the quiz.  To add text, type into the space provided and click the radio button for On to make text appear in the quiz. 

Optional Advanced Properties: 

Allow Hints:  You can choose to provide hints for questions.  Hints are added when creating questions, but in order for hints to appear in the quiz, this checkbox needs to be checked. 

Disable Right Click:  Disabling right click is meant to make it harder for students to copy the text of questions.  However there is nothing stopping them from taking out their phone and taking a photo.  

If you turn on this option, users cannot access the Email tool…: By checking this box, once the student begins an attempt, he will not be able to access the Email tool, Instant Message tool or his alerts. If the student does not submit the quiz, these tools remain disabled.

Notification Email: Enter your email address if you want to receive an email notification every time a quiz is submitted by a student.

image of quiz properties tab

Add/Edit Questions 

1.  Click New and choose the question type from the dropdown menu

2.  Add the question text and identify the correct answer

3.  Click Save

4.  Continue adding the remaining questions to your exam

5. When finished, click Done Editing Questions to return to the Quiz Setup Tool

image of add/edit questions in quizzes tool

Restrictions Tab 

Hide From Users: Make sure you uncheck this box if you want students to be able to see and take the quiz

Due Date: Optional option to set a due date for the quiz. Students can still submit after the due date. If you don’t want students to submit after the due date, set an End Date.

Start Date: Setting a Start Date will make the quiz inaccessible until this date. Students can still see the quiz link but cannot access it.

End Date: Setting an End Date will make the quiz inaccessible after this date. Students can still see the quiz link but cannot access it.

Display in Calendar: Checking this box will show the Start and End dates in the calendar in addition to the Due Date which will appear in the calendar regardless. 

Release Conditions: Release conditions prevent students from taking a quiz unless another action/task has been met.   

Optional Advanced Restrictions: (Optional)

Password: Instructors can require a password

 Timing: Give a time limit and a grace period to the quiz.  Click “enforced” to enact one of the Late Submission Actions (described below).

 Late Submissions: Select one option for student quizzes that exceed the time limit.

– Allow normal submission:  (recommended)  If a student exceeds the time limit and grace period, they are allowed to submit a quiz, but it is flagged as “late”. 

– Use Late Limit of X minutes: If a student exceeds the time limit, the grace period and the late limit, they receive a 0 on the quiz. 

– Advanced Availability: If someone should need access to the quiz, select one of the options and

 Special Access: Use Special Access to create different settings for specific students such as allowing more time for a particular student or setting different start and end dates for a particular student.

images of quizzes restrictions tab

Assessments Tab 

On the ‘Assessments’ tab you can associate the quiz with an existing or newly created grade item, and set the number of attempts allowed.

 Allow attempt to be set as graded immediately upon completion (recommended)

 Select a grade item (or Add Grade Item) to associate this quiz with the grade book (recommended)

 Allow automatic export to grades (recommended)

 Attempts Allowed defaults to 1, you can change this if you allow students more than 1 attempt on the same quiz.

After you have customized your Quiz, click Save and Close 

Your Quiz will appear under your course’s Quizzes tool. If you didn’t start from Content, you can add it to a content module using the Existing Activities menu, select Quizzes, and then select the existing Quiz from the list

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