How do I use Replace Strings?


Replace Strings allow instructors to personalize course content and communication in Brightspace by incorporating the student’s name, for example, into announcements, content, or intelligent agent templates. Essentially, anywhere you find the HTML Editor*.  The use of replace strings can help the instructor build better relationships with students, increase engagement levels, and improve the overall learning experience.

Replace strings are particularly useful within the following:

  • –  Announcements
  • –  Content descriptions (modules, topics, etc.)
  • –  Intelligent Agent templates
  • –  Grades when adding bulk feedback
In your HTML Editor, use the curly bracket {} to enclose the string of text.
Here is an example of an announcement using the {FirstName} replace string and the {OrgUnitName} replace string.
example of replace string in use

Most Common Replace Strings for Announcements, Content and Topics

Replace StringDescriptionExample
{FirstName}first nameJohn
{LastName}last nameSmith
{UserName}CCC usernamejsmith999
{ExternalEmail}CCC email
{OrgUnitName}Course nameFall 2019 English 101 A

Most Common Replace Strings for Intelligent Agents

Replace StringDescriptionFor use in
{InitiatingUser}the user that meets the agent’s criteriaEmail address field
{InitiatingUserFirstName}first name of user  that meets the agent’s criteriaEmail body
{InitiatingUserLastName}last name of user  that meets the agent’s criteriaEmail body
{LastCourseAccessDate}the date the initiating user last accessed the courseEmail subject or Email body

For more information about Replacement String options and examples, please visit this page on Brightspace Help.

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