For faculty keeping all grades in Brightspace’s Gradebook, creating a calculated grade for midterm (or other “milestone”) grades is helpful, too.  A calculated grade item would figure out the midterm grade for you.  “Milestone” refers to certain points in the course. 

1. Go to Manage Grades–>New–>Grade Item

2. Select Calculated

screenshot of Manage Grades and select new item
calculated grade item

3.  Enter grade item information (NameShort Name (optional)Description (optional)).  Examples: Calculated Midterm Grade, Midterm Grade, calculated grade based on learning activities due by midterm.

4.  Under Calculation, check-off the grade book items to be included in the midterm grade calculation

5.  Click Save and Close at the bottom.  

select items for calculated grade item

6. Now go back to Enter Grades and find the column to verify. Any grades already entered will show up with the total points. Example: 120/150. 

  1. Click Grades from Assessments or Course Admin from the Navbar once you are in your course.

2.  Click Manage Grades.

3.  Click New and then Item from the dropdown.

4.  Select the Grade Type Item.

5.  Enter Name and Short Name, Description and other information that appears based on the type of item you selected.  

6. Click Restrictions and select preferences, if applicable.

7.  Leave Objectives blank.

8.  Click Save and Close at the bottom. 

To enter grades in the item you just created:

  1.  Click Enter Grades.
  2.  Find the column for the grade item you just created.
  3. Click Grade All from the dropdown next to the grade item’s name.
  4. Enter the grades and click Save and Close at the bottom. 

Give your students easy, 24 x 7 access to their midterm (and final) letter grade, even if you do not record every assignment throughout the term.

These instructions are for creating a grade book item to enter a letter grade directly into brightspace (A, B, C, D, F). This column is not worth any points, nor does it calculate points, its simply a place for you to enter text.

  1. Go to the Grades tool (Assessments > Grades)
  2. Click on Manage Grades
  3. Click New and choose Item from the dropdown menu
screenshot of Manage Grades and select new item
  1. Choose the grade item type: Text
  1. On the “New Item” page, add a name for your item such as “Midterm Grade”

  2. Click Save and Close
Item Properties tab

 To Enter Letter Grades into your new text column:

  1. Click Enter Grades
  2. Click the dropdown arrow next to the your new column and choose Grade All from the menu
screenshot of Enter Grades and grade all
  1.  Enter the letter grades for each student
  2. Click Save and Close
screenshot of grade all - letter grade entry
  1.  To manually grade a student paper,  locate the specific assignment using Turnitin feedback studio and start grading it.
  2. Once you are inside the feedback studio, on the top right of the page there is a field where you can enter grades for each student.
  3. Use the arrows to the right of the grade field to navigate to the next paper submission.


  1. After a student has submitted a document into the Assignment submission folder, the report will initially appear as “In Progress” while the information is submitted to Turnitin.

 2.  After the percentage appears in the Reports column, click Grade and Leave Feedback to grade using the Assignments tool or click the Originality Report percentage directly if you wish to view.

3.  In the Feedback area, select the Originality Report to view the document.

4.  A new browser tab will open from Turnitin containing the student Originality Report. The report is divided into two panels:

a.  On the left side is the student’s paper with any sections highlighted that the Turnitin system believes might be improperly cited or not original work.

b. On the right side is the source Turnitin found that matches the student’s submission.

5.  Turnitin’s Grademark function can be accessed in two ways:

a. From the Turnitin report (select GradeMark)

b. From the Brightspace Feedback page (select the Markup Document icon).

6.  When you look at the screen, ETS eRater comments will appear in purple. As you read the student’s paper, you can Dismiss or Add Comments to the items that Turnitin has already marked for you by hovering over the highlighted area and using the fly-out window.

7.  Add comments (blue) by selecting one of the QuickMark comments located on the right side of the screen and dragging it onto the paper where it is needed.

8.  Edit the QuickMark comments by hovering over the highlighted area of the comment until you see the Edit button on the fly-out window.

9. Manually add comments by clicking on the paper and entering text in the box provided. If there is a comment you make frequently on your students’ papers,  make your own QuickMark by clicking on the Save as a new QuickMark link.