How do I copy an entire Brightspace course to another?

View the handout: Copy a Course in Brightspace (pdf)

You can copy an entire course, or parts of a course, into another course shell in Brightspace. This can save you time and energy each semester, allowing you to modify and build upon an existing course rather than starting from scratch.


1.  Go to the course offering that you want to copy into (destination course)

2.  Click on Course Admin > Import/Export Copy

3.  Select Copy Components from another Org Unit

* Click Search for offering and locate the course offering containing the course you want to copy from. 

* Click Add Selected

4.  If you want to copy the entire course, click Copy All Components

If you want to copy some  of the course, click Select Components and choose the items you want (check out this article for more information)

5.  After the copy is complete, you will see a green check and you can begin to edit the course as desired.


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