How do I pair McGraw Hill Connect with Brightspace?

  1. Log into Brightspace and access the course you want to link with McGraw Hill Connect
  2. Click on Content on the navbar
  3. Add a new module called” Connect” (or whatever you choose to call it) where students will access the Connect link
  4. In the new module, click on the Existing Activities buttonand select External Learning Tools from the dropdown
  5. In the pop-up select McGraw Hill Connect Launch
 screenshot_content and add a module
 screenshot_existing activities--external learnign tools
 screenshot+mcgraw hill connect launch link
6. Once the Launch link appears, click on it to select the textbook you are using for the course, and continue through the McGrawh Hill prompts.

If you have never used McGraw Hill Connect and need support with creating or building out your course in Connect, please contact your McGraw Hill representative.

Last updated byElissa Tobin on January 14, 2019
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