How do I recalculate a quiz after correcting answers?

  1.  Go to Quizzes tool

  2.  In Manage Quizzes, click Grade from the context menu of the quiz you want to recalculate

  3.  Click on the Questions tab, and select the Update All Attempts option. 

  4.  Scroll down to the section called “Questions that are not in the quiz anymore” section

  5.  Click on the question’s link that you want to “re-grade”

image of quiz questions for regrading

   5.  In the Grading Type area, choose Give to all attempts or Give to attempts with answer [x] a specific point value

  Use the first option to give all students the points regardless of which answer they selected

  Use the second option to give students who chose the correct answer the points (typically used when you accidentally had the wrong answer selected or students made a case and you agree to give them points) 

  6.  Click Save.

image of updating attempts for quiz recalculation

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