How do I add Alexander Street videos to my Brightspace course?

Below are instructions for accessing Alexander Street videos using direct links in Brightspace.

1. Visit

2. When prompted, log in using your CCC username and password

image of alexander street login page

3. Search for your desired video(s).

4. For your selected video, click on “Share” at the top of the page.


image of alexander street share option

5. Click the red “Copy Permalink” button at the bottom of the screen and then on “Copy” (under “Copy Permalink” heading)

The link displayed should begin with “…”

image of copy permalink button
image of copy permalink url

6. In your Brightspace course, click on Content and access the module where you want to add the video link. 

7. Click the blue “Upload/Create” button and select “Create a Link

a. Give your link a title
b. Paste the permalink in the URL window
c. Check the “Open as External Resource” check box
d. Click the blue “Create” button

image of create a link option
image of create a link option
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