Enable Live Transcription for Zoom Meetings

Zoom now has an automated Live Transcription service that can be enabled during meetings to provide on-demand captioning.

This is incredibly helpful for users who may be unable to hear clearly or who may be in a loud environment. To use this feature, enable the setting in your CCC Zoom Account and then enable it during your zoom meetings.

Step 1: Enable Live Transcription in your CCC Zoom Account

    • – Go to https://cccedu.zoom.us and sign in with your CCC username and password
    • – Click on Settings
    • – Locate and enable the setting called Closed Captioning
    • – Then check the box to Enable live transcription service
image of live captioning setting in zoom


Step 2: Enable Live Transcription During Your Meetings

    • – On the bottom toolbar of your Zoom meeting, click Live Transcript
    • – Then locate “Live Transcript” and click the button “Enable Auto-Transcription”
    • – Automatic closed captions will appear. You can move the captions around the screen if you desire.
image of enabling live captioning during a zoom

For more information, visit Zoom Support – Live Captioning

Last updated byElissa Tobin on February 5, 2021
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