Options for Downloading and Storing Zoom Cloud Recordings

Below you will find instructional videos on downloading your zoom cloud recordings as well as a variety of options for storing those recordings as well as how to share those recordings with students through Brightspace.

Download recordings from Zoom Cloud

Options for storing the recordings

    • – Local computer 
    • – Onedrive for Business
    • – Brightspace
    • – Youtube or other video sharing service

Make the recordings available in Brightspace

    • – Upload Recording and Transcript file
    • – Add a link to the video on Onedrive for Business
    • – Add a link to the video on youtube or another video sharing service
Delete unwanted recordings from Zoom Cloud

How to download zoom cloud recordings

How to rename and save your downloaded zoom cloud recordings on your computer or on onedrive for business.

How to upload the zoom recording to a Brightspace course.

How to add a link in Brightspace to a zoom recording saved in Onedrive for Business.

How to upload a zoom recording to youtube and add the link to Brightspace

How to delete zoom cloud recordings

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