Provide your students 24/7 feedback from you using grades in Brightspace.

The Brightspace Grades tool displays simply for your students, but as with most things, making something simple requires alot of work behind the scenes. This article gathers the all the CCC Grades articles to assist you in making it easy for your students.

Grade Articles

Setup your Grades



Ending the Semester


If a student has questions about how their grade is displaying, preview the student’s grades. 
What is unexpected?

    • You can work around this by hiding some of the grade columns. So if you aren’t working on the last two units in your course right now, hide those units (More Actions -> Hide/Show Columns) and you should be able to see more students in the list.

There are many reasons you may want to preview the grades of a specific student, the most common being to ensure the grades are displaying correctly or as you’d like them to. Or perhaps you want to 

To Preview Grades

1. Go to Grades (Assessments > Grades)

2. On Enter Grades, click on the dropdown arrow next to the students name and select Preview.

image of how to preview grades
image of student's grade preview

If the grades aren’t displaying as you would expect, you can modify your grade settings through the Setup Wizard or through Settings.

When your students are dropped or withdraw from your class, they disappear from the your Brightspace course. Although you can no longer see the withdrawn student on the classlist, you are still able to view their grades.

All is not lost!

To access the un-enrolled student’s grade information:

1. Go to Classlist

2. Select Enrollment Statistics

3. Scroll to the bottom of the page where you will view a list of all dropped students.

4. Click on the dropdown arrow next to the name of the student and select View Grades

Withdrawals screenshot


For faculty keeping all grades in Brightspace’s Gradebook, creating a calculated grade for midterm (or other “milestone”) grades is helpful, too.  A calculated grade item would figure out the midterm grade for you.  “Milestone” refers to certain points in the course. 

1. Go to Manage Grades–>New–>Grade Item

2. Select Calculated

screenshot of Manage Grades and select new item
calculated grade item

3.  Enter grade item information (NameShort Name (optional)Description (optional)).  Examples: Calculated Midterm Grade, Midterm Grade, calculated grade based on learning activities due by midterm.

4.  Under Calculation, check-off the grade book items to be included in the midterm grade calculation

5.  Click Save and Close at the bottom.  

select items for calculated grade item

6. Now go back to Enter Grades and find the column to verify. Any grades already entered will show up with the total points. Example: 120/150. 

Give your students easy, 24 x 7 access to their midterm (and final) letter grade, even if you do not record every assignment throughout the term.

These instructions are for creating a grade book item to enter a letter grade directly into brightspace (A, B, C, D, F). This column is not worth any points, nor does it calculate points, its simply a place for you to enter text.

  1. Go to the Grades tool (Assessments > Grades)
  2. Click on Manage Grades
  3. Click New and choose Item from the dropdown menu
screenshot of Manage Grades and select new item
  1. Choose the grade item type: Text
  1. On the “New Item” page, add a name for your item such as “Midterm Grade”

  2. Click Save and Close
Item Properties tab

 To Enter Letter Grades into your new text column:

  1. Click Enter Grades
  2. Click the dropdown arrow next to the your new column and choose Grade All from the menu
screenshot of Enter Grades and grade all
  1.  Enter the letter grades for each student
  2. Click Save and Close
screenshot of grade all - letter grade entry