How do I move pieces of content from one Brightspace Course to another?

 View the handout: Copy Parts of a Course in Brightspace(pdf)

    1. Access the course you want to copy into

    2. Go to Course Admin > Import/export/copy components

    3. Select Copy components from other org units > Click “Search for Offering” button (rectangular button) immediate option

    4. Search for the course you want to copy from, select it, and click Add Selected

    5. Click Select Components button (grey rectangular button at bottom of page) to select specific parts of the course you want to copy

    6. On the “Copy Course Components” screen, check off the areas you want to copy. If you want to choose individual items from a category, expand it and select Select individual items to copy

      Note: If you are copying individual assignments, discussions, or quizzes that are connected to content, as well as grades, you will want to select the individual items from Content, from the Assignments/Discussions/Quizzes tool, and from Grades. 
    7. Click Continue

    8. Select the components you want to copy (if you chose ‘select individual items to copy’). Click on the plus icon to see what is there and further modify what your choice.

    9. Click Continue

    10. Confirm the number of items to copy, and click Finish.

Brightspace will now copy your selected components. This moves quickly, depending on the number of files.


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