95%* of fall 2017 Blackboard courses have been migrated to Brightspace. You will now need to review and perform any needed clean up using our clean-up checklist.

*As hard as we tried, not all courses could be imported from Blackboard to Brightspace due to errors ranging from incorrectly formatted rubrics to errors in third-party external publisher material and content availability (quizzes, presentation slides, images). If you do not see the courses you were expecting please reach out to your support team.

Whether you are teaching with Brightspace this fall or next spring, the best place to start is with our Brightspace Foundations class, taught by both TISs and Faculty Champions.

  • Please see the Brightspace Training Calendar for upcoming training dates
  • If you prefer self-paced learning, you may register yourself for the online version of the Foundations Training class
  • If you are an adjunct who has or will attend Brightspace training, you will receive a $50 stipend provided the training did not take place during your regularly scheduled duties

Fall 2018 course shells will be created in Brightspace beginning August 6, 2018. If you signed up to teach in Brightspace this fall and do not see your classes, please confirm with your Office of Instruction that the class has been added to the fall launch group.