Today is your day.

You’re off to Great Places!

You’re off and away!

Here are some Brightspace tools you can use.

Exploit them in whatever way that you choose.

Tell, test, talk, even add extra links.

Offer grades, too.

It’s not as hard as you think.

To engage, involve students in your passion, too,

Is the promise that you and Brightspace can do.

Discussions to lead or have on their own.

Access they’ll have wherever they roam.

Allow self-expression. Let students have their own say.

Guide lots of webquests to Search, search away.

Create tests and quizzes that are scored on that day.

Accept lots of papers the TurnItIn way.

In Groups or in pairs the learning is theirs.

You’ll guide them. You’ll teach them, and show them the way.

You’re off to Great Places! You’re off and away!

You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes.

You can use Brightspace however you choose.

Yes, You!

No matter what route you choose or what you might use

With you and these tools, you have nothing to lose.

If students have problems and you know that they will.

CCC supports Brightspace. Really, we do.

There’s online help, me, but most notably YOU.

And when things start to happen, don’t worry. Don’t Stew.

Just go right along. You’ll start happening too.

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How Do I Save My Blackboard Course Content?

Fall 2017, Spring 2018 and Summer 2018 courses were migrated to Brightspace for you. Login to Brightspace to view them.  If you do not see them in Brightspace, archive a copy of your courses to your local computer.  Here is a tutorial to help you:
Archive any courses prior to Fall 2017 (summer 2017 and beyond) you want to save using the tutorial above.

How Do I Save Student Grading Information and Collaborate Recordings?

All faculty must download a copy of their fall 2018 Blackboard gradebook to facilitate any grade appeals. Student grading information is not migrated to Brightspace. Please follow these steps to download fall 2018 gradebooks and any other grade information from other courses you want. To download and save Blackboard Grade Center data, follow this workflow:

Go to your Blackboard course.

  1. Select Full Grade Center (under Control Panel)
  2. Select Work Offline
  3. Select Download
  4. Select Submit

How Do I Save Collaborate Recordings?

To download and save Blackboard Collaborate recordings, follow this workflow:

Go to your Blackboard course

  1. Select Course Tools (under Control Panel)
  2. Select Blackboard Collaborate Ultra
  3. Click the three-dash menu towards the left
  4. Select Recordings
  5. Select the Recordings In A Range dropdown next to “Filter by” to select dates.
  6. The list of recordings will appear.
  7. Click the circle to the right of a recording to download.

What if I have Incompletes for Fall 2018 Courses?

If you grant a student an incomplete for fall 2018 courses, the student must download anything needed from Blackboard to complete his or her work prior to December 31, 2018.

In accordance with CCC policy, keep a record of what the student needs to do to complete the course and work out a plan with the student to complete the course.

You and the student must agree with what is still required to complete the course, how the student will complete, and the schedule/due date for completion.

For help, contact the Technology Integration Specialist at your college or open a Helpdesk ticket by emailing to

  1. When is Blackboard going away? Our contract with Blackboard expires on December 31st Blackboard will no longer be available to the CCC community after this time.
  1. When will spring 2019 courses be created in Brightspace: Spring 2019 courses have already been created in Brightspace. There is no need to request a course shell.
  1. What Blackboard content will be imported into Brightspace?
    1. Fall 2017, spring 2018, and summer 2018 course content has been imported into Brightspace.
    2. Fall 2018 courses will be imported into Brightspace at the conclusion of the term.
    3. No prior student work will be imported into Brightspace.
  1. How will I access my older Blackboard courses after December 31st, 2018
    1. We recommend that you download a course archive for any material older than fall 2017 which you wish to retain, as well as any needed gradebooks or quizzes.
    2. CCC will only retain a backup of courses from 2013 to 2018. All previous years will be purged.
  1. Will adjuncts be paid to attend Brightspace training? All adjuncts will be paid to attend two hours of Brightspace training provided the training does not occur at a time when the adjunct is already scheduled for their regular work assignment.
  1. What Brightspace classes are being offered? The following Brightspace training courses are available.
    1. Foundations: The introductory class
    2. Assignments and Turn it In
    3. Drop-in / Office Hours for one-on-one Brightspace help
    4. Course Uplift with an Instructional Designer
    5. Advanced topics and deep-dives, eg, Communication Tools and Grades
    6. View the training schedule and sign up for a training course at: If you are unsure which course to take, please reach out to someone on the team.
  1. I am unable to attend an in-person training. What are my other options? If your schedule does not permit you to attend an in-person training, we also offer virtual training as well as a self-paced course in Brightspace.
  1. What should I do if a student needs an incomplete this fall?
    1. In the event that your student is granted an incomplete, the student must download anything they need from Blackboard to complete their work prior to 12/31/2018.
    2. The incomplete test or assignment will need to be recreated in a Brightspace shell. Contact your TIS or OIT for assistance.