CCC Brightspace Quick Guide doc for Students

There is no formalized training on Brightspace for students. Every class is is unique. Instructors control activities within their physical classroom; their virtual classroom is also under their control. If a question arises about your class, your instructor is your best resource.

Here are a couple of general questions:

  1. Where are my classes in Brightspace?

Look in your waffle or TicTacToe icon or your Brightspace homepage for current and future classes. If you do not see your current and future classes, verify your enrollment through If you do not have access to past classes, talk to your instructor. Your instructor will be able to unlock your previous semester’s online classroom.

  1. How will Brightspace be used in my class?

It depends on your instructor(*). Read your syllabus and ask your instructor.

  1. Is there a mobile app?

Yes. The Pulse App.


  1. * How do I check grades in Brightspace?

Go to your class in Brightspace-> Assessments-> Grades


  1. * How do I participate in discussions in Brightspace?

Locate the discussions in Content *, Assessments->Discussions, Calendar*

*These additional Assessment links are determined by your instructor.

 View this video Engaging in Discussions

  1. * How do I hand in papers through TurnItIn in Brightspace?

Locate the assignment in Content *, Assessments-> Assignments, Calendar *

*These additional Assessment links are determined by your instructor.

Submitting a TurnItIn Assignment

  1. * How do I test in Brightspace?

Locate the test in Content *, Assessments-> Quizzes, Calendar *

*These additional Assessment links are determined by your instructor.

Taking a Test Online

You may also wish to consult CCCs Student Resources

Every ending is a new beginning…

Whether you’re focused on wrapping up the current semester, or getting ready for the next, we have the tools to guide you on your way. Spring 2020 courses are already loaded in Brightspace. New courses can be found in your course list. Course not on your homepage? Learn how to pin it. Use the knowledgebase articles to:

Wrap up the fall semester

Prepare for the start of next semester

For more help, look below or visit the knowledge base.

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Attention – Final Grade Entry

Don’t forget, has changed. Click the circle icon in the top right corner for a vertical graphical navbar and then select Faculty Center.

For more help, visit the Faculty Portal Help Guide

Did you know that you can…

Upcoming Training

Brightspace Assessment Resources

Farewell, Maureen!

As my time at CCC comes to an end (12/27/2019), I wish you well. My 22 wonderful years at Wright have been filled with laughter and tears, boldness and fear, ease and frustration, triumphs and try agains. I have been librarian, webber, program director, instructional support, and TIS. All these different hats have enabled me to serve our students alongside you. Thank you for allowing me a glimpse into your classrooms. It has been inspiring to work with you.

I am confident that your dedication and commitment to your students will assist you in overcoming the pesky technology issues that will arise with grace and patience. Be kind and care for yourselves. Help one another. You are the best resources you have. You know more than you think.

It has been a pleasure working with you and I hope to see you in the future.  Please feel free to contact me via LinkedIn.

Thank you,
Maureen Boland, Technology Integration Specialist, Wright College

Help and Resources


Tests and Quizzes, Assignments, TurnItIn and Rubrics are tools within Brightspace you can use to evaluate students and measure student learning. Use the knowledgebase articles to:

For more help, look below or visit the knowledge base.

Psst…Find an error? share it with your Brightspace team, and earn a badge.

Did you know that you can…

Upcoming Training

For these trainings, bring your questions regarding the assessment tools. We will review common issues and help to make your use of these tools more effective.

Brightspace Assessment Resources

Faculty Spotlight

Sherece Thompson (Dental Hygiene, MX) is using Brightspace Quizzes to regularly assess her students’ learning and ensure they are keeping up with the material. She uses a variety of question types including multiple choice, true/false, matching, ordering, and written response. Every quiz is an opportunity for students to assess their own learning, and an opportunity for her to gauge how students are grasping the material in addition to identifying learning-gaps in the subject. One of the unexpected benefits of the Quizzes tool was in her ability to view question statistics and identify questions where the majority of the class was answering incorrectly. Upon reviewing this she was able to consider whether she wanted to change the wording of a question, throw out a question completely, or re-affirm the question despite the low achievement. This practice of assessing, evaluating, and then adjusting–either the exam or her instruction–has made closing the assessment loop in her courses quick, efficient, and meaningful.

Learn how to take advantage of all the Quizzes features in Brightspace using the links in this newsletter, the knowledgebase, and the Brightspace team!

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What’s New In Brightspace?

Every month Brightspace releases a video of new features. Keep informed and watch below!

November 2019 Highlights

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