In the unlikely event that Brightspace goes down, you can use these resources to reach out to your students in other ways.

Email Your Students from Navigate

  • 1. Log into Navigate for Instructors
  • 2. Click on the students’ names you want to send a message to based on the course you want to communicate with (or select all students if desired)
  • 3. Click on Actions
  • 4. Click Send Message
  • 5. Compose your message and click Send

Email Your Students from

  • 1. Log into
  • 2. Go to the Roster page for your class
  • 3. Click the button on the bottom that says “Notify all students”
  • 4. You will be taken to a page where you can bcc everyone and send your message (or copy and paste the addresses into Outlook to email your students)

Finding your class Zoom Link outside of Brightspace

If you rely on Brightspace to locate your class Zoom link, all is not lost.

  • 1. Log into with your ccc credentials
  • 2. Locate your meeting information
  • 3. Click on the title of the meeting and click “copy meeting invitation”
  • 4. Use one of the methods above to email it to your students

Use Quiz Generators to bulk import your quiz questions that are in your Word document.

To get started, click on the following link: 

You will see the options:

    1. Quiz Name

    2. Question type

    3. This is where you will paste the questions in their respective format (format guide below)

    4. Generate Test


If you get the following error message when you generate your test questions.

Simply scroll down and hover over the questions in red, the system will alert you as to what is wrong with the question format.

Click on the following link to view with all of the question format types available: 

Below is an example an example of the format you need to follow for multiple choice questions. You will need to add an asterisk (*) before the letter or number of the correct answer as shown below.

Upload the generated quiz file into your BrightSpace course

Follow the steps below:

  • – Click on Assessments > Quizzes
  • – Click on New Quiz
  • – Name Quiz and scroll down
  • – Click on Add/Edit Questions
  • – Click on the drop down arrow next to the import option and select “Upload File
    • A window will pop up, click on browse files to find the test question file or simply drag and drop the test file.

When the file is done uploading, you can click on review to select which questions you want to upload or can select “Import All

– Import the question file into the Question Library

– Create a quiz in content

Sometimes you may feel as though you are getting spammed by Brightspace notifications (cell/email and Alerts through bell icon under Minibar) and missing the important alerts. You may wish to control (e.g. stop) the notification coming to your email/Cell.

Go to Your Name (top right) > Notifications 

Screen shot

Once in notifications, select what notifications you want to receive and the method you would like to receive them

Scroll down to “Exclude some courses” and click on “Manage my course exclusions

A window will pop up with a list of your courses, you can exclude all the courses you do not want to get notifications from by clicking on the x next to the course.  

Table of Contents

Create a csv/zip of your quiz questions

Use a quiz question generator.

The quiz generators cut down on the OKs and SUBMITs, most say they work for Bb, but I’ve found they also work for Brightspace, too.
Follow the Exact syntax for your chosen generator(some work better than others). It will require you to use your Word quiz .doc, *ing the correct answer, cut&paste, and use a quiz generator. Please refer to the generator rules

Import the question file

into the Question Library

Create a quiz in content

Mitigating my Zoom meeting disruptions

Managing Zoom Meetings  

Classroom management in this unfamiliar virtual world may seem unattainable, but with some Zoom settings and meeting features, you may gain some control. When your setting up your meeting, you may want to use a waiting room or lock meeting after five minutes. During the meeting, you or your co-host might disable everyone’s audio, limit the chat, limit screen sharing,  ask students to use their full names, or remove a user.


Rules for Hosting Virtual Meetings

  1. Practice, practice, practice.
  2. Invite participants, but Do Not Share your meeting link on Social Media.
  3. Have a co-host.
  4. Be kind to yourself.
  5. Have fun!

Setting up your meeting 

When setting up your meeting, consider these options: 

Turning off audio for participants on entry 

Meeting options:  Mute participants upon entry: enabling this will keep participants on mute when they enter until they un-mute themselves. Disabling this will un-mute all participants upon entry until they mute themselves. 

Waiting Room authentication Better solution! 


Meeting options: Enable waiting room: enabling the waiting room will put all students into a waiting room until you as the host invite them in one at a time or all at once.  This is a useful setting when scheduling virtual office hours. 

Requiring meeting password -Another hurdle? 

Meeting options:  Require a meeting password: enabling this would require users to enter a password that you will need to share with attendees. 

image of zoom interface and scheduling a new meeting

As a Host iMeeting 


How do I use the Security Icon in the meeting?

In your Zoom main navbar, there is a shield.  That is the Security Icon. 

You can:

  • Lock meeting after it has started.

  • Control who can Chat. 
  • Allow/Disable Screen Share.

  • Rename Themselves.

Zoom Security Icon

Hodo I remove someone from a meeting?

On the Participant screen next the name, click MORE select REMOVE 


How do I turn off participant audio in the meeting? 

On the Participant screen next the name, click on microphone 



How do I halt a participant screen share?  

On the bottom NavBar, click on carat(^) next to the Green SHARE-> STOP PARTICPANTS SCREEN SHARE 


On the top menu. Click on VIEW OPTIONS -> STOP SHARING  

How do I control Annotations?

You and your attendees may mark up content during screen share. You can disable the annotation feature in your Zoom settings to prevent people from writing all over the screens.

Use the Annotations NavBar to control the screen annotations.  It is in a disappearing menu(mouse over to find it) at the top in the main window of Zoom.

  • Clear Annotations

Clear Annotations
  • Stop Annotations

Stop Annotations

Sometimes you may need to refresh your quiz attempt grades

  1. Go to your Quizzes tool
  2. Click on the dropdown for the quiz you have selected and select Grade
  3. Click the “Publish” icon so that all of the scores get checked/unchecked
  4. Click SAVE
  5. Then click the publish icon again to re-check off all of the scores
  6. Click SAVE
  7. Check the quiz Grade Item in you Grades tool.
Quiz tool Grade Publish

If your Brightspace quiz is not transferring the scores into Grades, ask yourself these three things:

  1. Are the grades published?

  2. Is quiz assessment associated with a grade item?

  3. Have the grades been exported?