How do I create an extra credit grade item?

Brightspace uses the term “Bonus” for extra credit items. You can make a Grade Item a bonus item (extra credit) from the Grades tool.

To create a new “bonus” grade item:


    1. Go to Grades  (Course Admin > Grades or Assessments > Grades)
    2. Click on Manage Grades
    3. Click on New and select Item from the dropdown
    4. Click on Numeric for the Grade Item Type
    5. Add a name for your grade item and the point value for the bonus item (total amount bonus points student can receive)
    6. Check the box for Bonus.
    7. Click Save and Close

To edit an existing grade item:

    1. Go to Grades  (Course Admin > Grades or Assessments > Grades)
    2. Click on Manage Grades
    3. Locate the grade item you want to be extra credit and click on the dropdown arrow and select Edit Item from the menu
    4. Check the box for Bonus
    5. Click Save and Close

What if I just want to give extra points on an existing item/assignment, but the whole assignment is not extra credit?

In this case, you would not check “bonus” but you would check “can exceed.” For example if you have an assignment that is worth 20 points, but students can earn up to 25 points on it, you would NOT check Bonus, but instead check the box Can Exceed which allows you to enter a value above the “max points” value when entering grades.


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