How do I determine what the student sees upon completion of a quiz?

When students complete a quiz, by default they will see their score and nothing else. However, instructors can decide if students can view more than just their score. Here are more options, and how to change them.

  1. Edit the quiz and click on the Submission Views tab. You will then see the Default View for users (students).
  2. Click on Add Additional View to change the student view. Give the View a meaningful name and description. This will help you in the future.
  3. View Restrictions: This indicates when the feedback will go into effect. Click Now if you want students to see their feedback immediately after submitting their quiz. However, you may also choose to set the feedback at a later date.
  4. IP Restriction: Setting up this option means that certain computers with specific IP addresses may be either allowed or prevented to view the feedback. Currently City Colleges of Chicago is unable to provide IP restrictions.
  5. Limited Duration: Setting this option means you keep to a specific time, say 5 minutes how long the feedback will be available to students to view after completing it.
  6. View Details: This has a Yes or No. It will determine if you want students to view the questions, answers, or the incorrect questions answered.  You as the instructor have additional options to select based on your preferences or what you want students to see after submitting the quiz.

If you decide to select Yes, pick the option that works for you. A recommended option is to select  Show All Questions With User Responses which shows the question and the student’s response. Checking the box Show Question Answers will show the correct response

  1. At the bottom of the page, you MUST select the Score option to allow student to see their scores and attempts. If you want students to see the class average score and score distribution, you can check these buttons under the Statistic.  Click Save.
  2. Finally, select View and then the Save and Close button to activate the new view option. 
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