How do I create and insert a Video Note in the HTML Editor?


As an instructor, you are able to add Video Note within your course content areas through the HTML Editor.

Create and insert a video note in HTML Editor 

  1. In the HTML Editor, click Insert Stuff (the arrow icon in the first position) 
  2. Click Video Note. 
  3. Select 

    Upload File or Choose Existing. 



If you select Upload File, do the following: 

    1. Click Choose File and select the locally saved file you want to upload.
      • Note: You can only upload MP4, FLV, F4V, or MOV files that are less than 5.00 MB in size.
    2. Click Next, and enter a title and description. 
    3. Click Next, and then Insert. 
insert stuff

If you selectChoose Existing, do the following: 

    1. Select Video Note Search. 
    2. Select your desired pre-existing Video Note 
    3. Click Add. 



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