How do I use Video Note?


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Video Note easily embeds video from your webcam or phone wherever there is the HTML editor. 

Engage learners through short videos 


  • Announcements
  • Content
  • Discussions

Provide meaningful video feedback 


  • Quizzes
  • Assignments
  • Discussions

How do I add Video Note through the HTML Editor 


  1. Go to the HTML Editor
  2. Click Insert Stuff when the text editor window opens (see Figure 1, red circle)                                                

                                        Figure 1. Insert Stuff button with dropdown selections  

  1. Select Video Note (see Figure 1 in the dropdown selections).
  2. Click Record Webcam Video and then New Recording.  
  3. Click Stop Recording when you are finished. 
  4. Click Next.
  5. Type in a Title and Description
  6. Click Insert to insert the video in the topic.
  7. Click Save 

 You can use Video Note anywhere there is an html editor—announcements, feedback, etc.  

insert stuff


are able to attach Video Notes through the HTML Editor

When adding a new thread to a discussion, Insert Stuff through the HTML Editor.

screen shot

In Assignment, Insert Stuff through the HTML Editor.

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