How do I give a student an additional quiz attempt?

Use this tool to give select students an additional attempt on a quiz. 

1.      Go to the Quizzes tool (Course Admin->Quizzes)

2.      Click on the dropdown arrow next to the quiz name, and select Edit from the dropdown menu

3.      Click on the Restrictions tab

4.      Scroll down to Special Access section, and check the first box “Allow selected users special access to this quiz”

5.      Click Add users to Special Access button

6.      On the Special Access page, scroll down to the Attempts section, and check the box to “Override attempts allowed

7.      Then change the “Attempts Allowed” dropdown to the desired number (typically 2 if you just want to give them a second attempt)

8.      Then, scroll down and check off the user(s) who needs an additional attempt

9.      When done, click Add Special Access button at the bottom

10.   Once back on the Quiz screen, click Save and Close

Edit Quiz Restrictions tab
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