How do I use the Question Library feature and import Quiz questions from quizzes to the Question Library?

These steps show you how the Question Library is organized. You’ll can import your quiz questions to the question library. You can also create questions within the library

  1.  Go to the Quizzes tool in Brightspace, found under the Assessments tab.

2.  Near the top of this page you’ll see three tabs. Click the tab labelled Question Library.

3.  From here, you can manage and organize your Question Library into Sections, Create Questions, and Import questions from a quiz you’ve already created.

Organizing the Question Library into Sections

The Question Library is a repository of questions you have already created.  It will be empty if you haven’t moved or saved any questions from Quizzes yet. 

You can create Sections (folders) to keep these questions organized in folders. Do this by clicking New and selecting Section.  Question Libraries can have many Sections–completely up to you.  

How to Import Your Quiz Questions to the Question Library

  1.  To import quiz questions to the Question Library, you must have already created a quiz. If you have, then click Import from the Question Library.
  2. Select Browse Existing Questions.
  3. Select the desired Quiz.
  4. Select Collection Root.  You will see all the questions populated in your library.
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