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Accessibility ResourcesinBrightspace
Jul 30th 21

Below are resources for creating accessible websites, files, documents, courses, and other materials. Download the PDF: Faculty Guide to Accessible Materials Ally In Brightspace Ally is an accessibility tool that seamlessly integrates with Brightspace to make digital course content more accessible for students. The tool automatically checks content for accessibility…

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How to add participants to your community (non-academic) course as a Super Leader?inBrightspace
Jun 9th 20

You can add participants to community courses (non-academic) if you are a 'Super Leader'. 1. In your Brightspace community course, click on Classlist, then Add Paricipants, and select Add Existing Users 2. Search by student first, last name or username. If more than one student comes up with the same name,…

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Something is not right with Navigate-- How do I get help?inNavigate (Faculty and Staff)
Nov 18th 20

Note: The "" address will no longer be monitored after December 18, 2020 For help, use the SharePoint ticket system instead. It is currently live and monitored. × Dismiss alert If some element of Navigate is not working the way you expect or you have trouble logging in, submit a…

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How do I export my course materials into a zip?inBrightspace
Sep 30th 20

Maybe you would like to share with your colleagues or you just discover you will no longer be assigned to your class that has you Brightspace content in it, you will want to make an export of your course.Login to Brightspace and access the course.Click the Course Admin link in…

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How do I use Course Builder in Brightspace?inBrightspace
Aug 17th 20

Table of Contents Course Builder in Brightspace What is Course Builder? Course Builder is an interactive way to visualize your course.Use Course Builder to create the structure of the course and to add select Publisher Content. Note This tool is designed to help YOU, the instructor. You choose to use it. ×…

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Feedback ToolsinBrightspace
Jul 29th 20

Feedback Feedback is about connecting with each other. Below are some articles that may assist you in providing feedback within Brightspace: Types of Feedback Text-HTML Editor How do I use Replace Strings? VideoNote How do I create and insert a Video Note in the html Editor?inBrightspace How do I use Video Note?…

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How do I use Chat in Brightspace?inBrightspace
Jul 27th 20

Why? Use Chat within Brightspace to connect with students in real-time. Chat is an older tool that has not been updated in recent years, but still has its uses as a quick and easy way to have online conversations with your students and a clear record of the chat. The Chat…

How do I proctor a remote online exam with Respondus?in3rd Party Tools
Jul 25th 20

Table of Contents Respondus Lockdown Browser and Monitor are now available in all Brightspace courses as optional settings when creating online assessments. What is Respondus? Respondus is an assessment tool company specializing in online remote exam g security. Respondus Monitor is a ‘proctored remote exam’ whereas LockDown Browser locks the testing…

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How do I use VoiceThread with Brightspace?in3rd Party Tools
Jul 27th 20

Table of Contents Voicethread with Brightspace and Zoom Do you know about Voicethread? VoiceThread is an interactive, collaborative, web-based tool that that allows user to communicate through images, audio recordings, videos, and text. People can use VoiceThread to set up a discussion board, record a lecture, or show images. Users can add text, audio, or…

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How do I give a student an additional quiz attempt?inBrightspace
Aug 2nd 19

Use this tool to give select students an additional attempt on a quiz. Once back on the Quiz screen, click Save and Close Related Articles:Seeing quiz attemptsAllowing multiple attemptsResetting a quiz attemptProviding special accessReducing eyestrain