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How do students view inline feedback and annotations on graded assignmentsinAssignments
Nov 5th 21

Instructions 1. Click on Assessments > Assignments 2. Locate the assignment and click on Feedback: Unread 3. Scroll down to the table (below the overall feedback) and click on View Inline Feedback Note The assignment cannot be hidden from students. × Dismiss alert

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How do I control notifications?inBrightspace
Apr 21st 20

Sometimes you may feel as though you are getting spammed by Brightspace notifications (cell/email and Alerts through bell icon under Minibar) and missing the important alerts. You may wish to control (e.g. stop) the notification coming to your email/Cell. Note The Alerts within the mini bar are system generated, there…

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How to set Quiz Accommodations at the course levelinBrightspace
Jun 4th 21

You can set quiz time accommodations for students at the course level. Prior to June 2021, quiz time accommodations could only be set at the quiz level, meaning an instructor would have to edit each quiz individually in order to add "Special Access" settings for students requiring additional time accommodations.…

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How to ensure you are logged into ZoominBrightspace
Feb 5th 21

Make sure you are signed into your Zoom application with your CCC Zoom Account 1. On a PC, click on the start menu (icon lower left) and look for "Zoom application" (note: on a MAC, search for Zoom in the Finder) 2. If it looks like this, you are not…

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Enable Live Transcription for Zoom MeetingsinBrightspace
Feb 5th 21

Zoom now has an automated Live Transcription service that can be enabled during meetings to provide on-demand captioning. This is incredibly helpful for users who may be unable to hear clearly or who may be in a loud environment. To use this feature, enable the setting in your CCC Zoom…

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Options for Downloading and Storing Zoom Cloud RecordingsinBrightspace
Nov 24th 20

Below you will find instructional videos on downloading your zoom cloud recordings as well as a variety of options for storing those recordings as well as how to share those recordings with students through Brightspace. Download recordings from Zoom Cloud Options for storing the recordings - Local computer - Onedrive…

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Something is not right with Navigate-- How do I get help?inNavigate (Faculty and Staff)
Nov 18th 20

Note: The "" address will no longer be monitored after December 18, 2020 For help, use the SharePoint ticket system instead. It is currently live and monitored. × Dismiss alert If some element of Navigate is not working the way you expect or you have trouble logging in, submit a…

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How do I export my course materials into a zip?inBrightspace
Sep 30th 20

Maybe you would like to share with your colleagues or you just discover you will no longer be assigned to your class that has you Brightspace content in it, you will want to make an export of your course.Login to Brightspace and access the course.Click the Course Admin link in…

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How do I use Course Builder in Brightspace?inBrightspace
Aug 17th 20

Table of Contents Course Builder in Brightspace What is Course Builder? Course Builder is an interactive way to visualize your course.Use Course Builder to create the structure of the course and to add select Publisher Content. Note This tool is designed to help YOU, the instructor. You choose to use it. ×…

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How do I help my students?inBrightspace
Aug 28th 19

Table of Contents CCC Access VideoStudent Tutorial to access CCC Email, Zoom, and BrightspaceDownload and share these guides for your students.Brightspace Student Quick Guide (pdf)Zoom Student Guide(pdf)Spanish Password help(pdf)IT HelpPhone number: 312-553-2600 (not the best way because there is a waitlist)Email: cohelpdesk@ccc.eduWebsite: Password Reset Form Laptop Form articles:Give students additional…