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How do I use Microsoft Teams?inMicrosoft Teams
Jun 21st 22

Here are some articles / videos on using Microsoft Teams Creating and sharing a meeting link Using Video Share Content in a Teams meeting Record a Teams meeting

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How can I set my availability for student appointments in Navigate?inNavigate (Faculty and Staff)
Dec 3rd 20

You control your schedule for student appointments. Review it periodically to be sure it's configured correctly. In order to offer students scheduled appointments, staff must define the times they can provide specific services. This availability can change as often as needed. Start by logging in to Navigate, then follow these…

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How do I make an appointment in Navigate?inNavigate (Faculty and Staff)
Feb 25th 22

You can find times to meet with your advisor, a tutor, and some other departments at the City Colleges of Chicago. The video on the right has all the info you need to schedule an appointment in Navigate. There is also a pdf version: Student Appointment Guide

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How do I view various course reports in Brightspace?inBrightspace
Feb 15th 22

Course Reports Available in Brightspace Brightspace has a number of reports to help you keep on top of students who may be slipping through the cracks. The following tools can help you identify students who may be falling behind. Course Overview – Class Engagement The Class Engagement report shows you…

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How to view Zoom Usage Reports to see who attended your zoom meetings and for how longinZoom
Feb 15th 22

Zoom Usage Reports Need to know which students attended your zoom sessions and for how long? 1. Log into your CCC Zoom account at  2. Click Reports then Usage 3. Select a date range and click Search 4.  Click on the number (#) in the Participant column to view…

How do students view inline feedback and annotations on graded assignmentsinAssignments
Nov 5th 21

Instructions1. Click on Assessments > Assignments2. Locate the assignment and click on Feedback: Unread3. Scroll down to the table (below the overall feedback) and click on View Inline Feedback Test Note The assignment cannot be hidden from students. × Dismiss alert

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Alternate Ways to Access Class Rosters and Email Students if Brightspace is DowninBrightspace
Oct 4th 21

In the unlikely event that Brightspace goes down, you can use these resources to reach out to your students in other ways. Email Your Students from Navigate 1. Log into Navigate for Instructors 2. Click on the students' names you want to send a message to based on the course you…

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Accessibility ResourcesinBrightspace
Jul 30th 21

Below are resources for creating accessible websites, files, documents, courses, and other materials. Download the PDF: Faculty Guide to Accessible Materials Ally In Brightspace Ally is an accessibility tool that seamlessly integrates with Brightspace to make digital course content more accessible for students. The tool automatically checks content for accessibility…

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How to set Quiz Accommodations at the course levelinBrightspace
Jun 4th 21

You can set quiz time accommodations for students at the course level. Prior to June 2021, quiz time accommodations could only be set at the quiz level, meaning an instructor would have to edit each quiz individually in order to add "Special Access" settings for students requiring additional time accommodations.…

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How do I submit a quiz attempt on behalf of my student?inBrightspace
Jun 23rd 20

If a student forgot to submit their quiz, you can submit it on their behalf. Below are step by step instructions: 1. Go to Assessments-> Quizzes   2. Click the drop down arrow next to the Quiz name and choose Grade 3. Click Show Search Options to access the menu. 4. In…