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How do I enter grades using Turnitin?inAssignments
Dec 14th 18

 To manually grade a student paper,  locate the specific assignment using Turnitin feedback studio and start grading it.Once you are inside the feedback studio, on the top right of the page there is a field where you can enter grades for each student.Use the arrows to the right of the…

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How do I set up my Grades using the Setup Wizard?inBrightspace
Dec 11th 18

Brightspace’s Grades helps organize your grades, allows your students to securely keep track of their progress, and calculates students' grades for you. You can either use the Setup Wizard or the Settings tool to determine your grade book settings. Here, we will be going through the setup wizard. Use the…

Setup Wizard
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How do I create a column to enter a midterm letter grade in Grades?inBrightspace
Mar 4th 19

Note These are instructions for using the Brightspace gradebook. If you are looking for help on how to officially post course Midterm or Final grades in CS9 / my.ccc.edu, please contact your college registrar. × Dismiss alert Give your students easy, 24 x 7 access to their midterm (and final)…

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Letter grade
Midterm grade
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How do I find videos for using grades with CCC's Brightspace?inBrightspace
Jan 10th 19

CCC Instructional Technology has shared a video playlist with you on YouTube: “Brightspace Grades @CCC” https://youtu.be/ipdG-iUr9dI?list=PL_HyhVU1l13Vk_ngxnBICCMLM1W3YPtNOhttps://youtu.be/kG4vp7SgEFU?list=PL_HyhVU1l13Vk_ngxnBICCMLM1W3YPtNO

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How can I get the grades of one student in a format that I can share?inBrightspace
Sep 30th 19

From Classlist, click on the Dropdown menu next to the student's name and View progress ORFrom Grades, click on the graph next to the student’s name.Both of these options take you to the student’s grade progress page where you can see all the scores for each assignment.  Alternatively, if you…

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Grades ToolinBrightspace
Oct 31st 19

7 feedback from you using grades in Brightspace.The Brightspace Grades tool displays simply for your students, but as with most things, making something simple requires alot of work behind the scenes. This article gathers the all the CCC Grades articles to assist you in making it easy for your students.Grade…

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How do I create Calculated Grade Items for Midterm and other "Milestone Grades"?inBrightspace
Mar 13th 19

HOW TO USE CALCULATED GRADE ITEM TO DETERMINE MIDTERM GRADE For faculty keeping all grades in Brightspace's Gradebook, creating a calculated grade for midterm (or other "milestone") grades is helpful, too.  A calculated grade item would figure out the midterm grade for you.  "Milestone" refers to certain points in the…

Calculated grade item
Midterm grade
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How do I show final grades to students?inBrightspace
Dec 29th 18

The "Final Calculated Grade"  is a column (item) that already exists in every course and it is totaling the student's scores. However, students will not always see this without taking some extra steps.To display the "Final Calculated Grade" column to students:From the Grades tool, click on Settings in the top right corner and then…

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How do I setup Grades for my course?inBrightspace
Feb 26th 19

Grades Handout (pdf)using grades in Brightspace may assist your students in taking ownership of their learning. Besides it may take some of the course administration busy work from you allowing you to do what you do best: TEACH.Let's explore Grades from setting up through entering them.Setting up your GradesTo setup how…

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How do I release grades to students?inBrightspace
Dec 10th 18

If there is next to a grade item,  your students cannot see the item.  If you would like the grade visible, go to that item to Release the grade.Go to the Grades toolUnder the Enter Grades tab, go to Final Calculated GradeClick on the dropdown arrow for Final Calculated Grade and select…