Welcome to Brightspace Fall 2019!

As you prepare for the fall term, keep in mind that how you use Brightspace is up to you. You may choose to include announcements, content like videos or files, tests/quizzes, virtual discussions, assignment submissions, TurnItIn, grades and more!

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For more help, look below or visit https://brightspaceresources.ccc.edu

How Course Shells Are Created

Brightspace course shells are created on http://brightspace.ccc.edu before the beginning of the semester. Enrollment in Brightspace course shells corresponds to your assignment in my.ccc.edu. If there is an error, please contact the helpdesk at http://ccc.edu/help. Once a Brightspace course shell is created, students are automatically enrolled and dropped based on the records in CS9.

You must be listed in CS9/my.ccc.edu as the instructor or you will not have access to your course shell. Check the waffle icon if you don’t see all your courses on the homepage because they may be “unpinned”.

Beginning of the Semester FAQs

Below are direct links to the most common beginning of the semester issues:

  1. How do I locate my courses?
  2. How do I upload my syllabus?
  3. How do I change my course start and end dates?
  4. How do I copy a course?
  5. How do I email my students?
  6. How do I use Grades?

For more help, visit https://brightspaceresources.ccc.edu

What’s New in Brightspace?

Every month Brightspace releases a video of new features. Keep informed and watch below!

May 2019 Highlights June 2019 Highlights
July 2019 Highlights August 2019 Highlights

Did You Know?

  • You may wish to personalize Announcements and other content through the use of Replace Strings.
  • You may wish to use Intelligent Agents to save you time and energy while also helping you engage students with differing needs.
  • You may wish to reward students with badges for accomplishments in your course

New to Brightspace? Complete the Foundations Training!

Self-Paced Online Foundations Training

If you would like to review and earn a digital badge, you may wish to register yourself for the online, asynchronous version of the Foundations Training class

  1. Go to brightspace.ccc.edu
  2. On the NavBar, select My Brightspace and then Self Registration from the dropdown menu.
  3. Follow the directions to enroll in this training course called: “Instructor Online Training Course (Brightspace Foundations): The Brightside”


Foundation Handouts

Faculty Spotlight

We are looking for innovative ways that instructors use Brightspace within their classes. Do you have an assignment that translates well to Brightspace? Have you incorporated some of Brightspace’s more advanced features? Do you have unique ways to communicate with students via Brightspace? We would love to showcase the great work that you’re doing.

Doing something cool with Brightspace? Share it with us!

Help and Resources

·         Videos: Visit http://bit.ly/ccctube  – CCC Instructional Technology YouTube site contains CCC-created videos like a Foundations review, TII, Student overview, course copy and more for you and our students

·         Training Calendar: https://brightspaceresources.ccc.edu/trainingevents/