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Every ending is a new beginning…

Whether you’re focused on wrapping up the current semester, or getting ready for the next, we have the tools to guide you on your way.

Highlights in this Newsletter:

  • Zoom Cloud Recordings – What to do?
  • Ally accessibility tool is coming – Fall rollout
  • Wrapping up the summer semester
  • Preparing for the fall semester
  • New Brightspace features on their way
  • Virtual Drop-in Help for Brightspace and Zoom

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Zoom Cloud Recordings – What to do?

Zoom cloud recordings will be deleted 30 days after the semester ends. If you need and want to keep them, make sure you download them from Zoom Cloud. Below are resources for assistance:

Ally–an accessibility tool–is coming to Brightspace

Ally is an accessibility tool that seamlessly integrates with Brightspace to make digital course content more accessible for students. The tool automatically checks content for accessibility and generates alternative formats for students to consume the content, including PDF, HTML, Audio, and even electronic Braille.

Ally will be turned on in all courses in the fall term. Information, training, and details will be provided.

Wrap up the semester

Prepare for the start of next semester

If you’ve already been assigned a course for Fall 2021 in CS9, you can access it now in Brightspace. New courses can be found in your course list, click on the tab for the term to easily sort.

Explore fun & effective ways to customize your course in Brightspace

For more help, visit the knowledge base.

Upcoming Drop-In Sessions and Training

Access the complete list of Drop-ins and Trainings

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What’s New in Brightspace?

Every month D2L publishes notes on new features released in Brightspace. Keep informed and see below!

Help and Resources

  • Videos: Visit– CCC Instructional Technology YouTube site contains CCC-created videos like a Foundations review, TII, Student overview, course copy and more for you and our students

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