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Tech 4 U: Making Technology Work for You

Every ending is a new beginning…

Whether you’re focused on wrapping up the current semester, or getting ready for the next, we have the tools to guide you on your way.

Highlights in this Newsletter:

1)     Zoom Cloud Recordings – What to do?

2)     Wrapping up the fall semester

3)     Preparing for the spring semester

4)     Fun and effective ways to customize your course

5)     Virtual Drop-in Help for Brightspace and Zoom 


Zoom Cloud Recordings – What to do?

Wrap up the fall semester

Prepare for the start of next semester

If you’ve already been assigned a course for Spring 2021 in CS9, you can access it now in Brightspace. New courses can be found in your course list, click on the tab for the term to easily sort.

spring term classes image

Explore fun & effective ways to customize your course

For more help, visit the knowledge base.


Upcoming Training

Access the complete list of drop-ins and register here.

  • Drop-in Help for Brightspace or Zoom (Nov 30-Dec 18)
  • Request an Individual Appointment

·        Brightspace Assessment Knowledge Base Resources


What’s New in Brightspace?

Every month D2L publishes notes on new features released in Brightspace. Keep informed and see below!

Help and Resources


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Tech 4 U

Making Technology Work for You 

(Brightspace Newsletter, rebranded for YOU) 

Midterm Reminders 

Below are direct links to the most common middle-of-the-semester tasks:

  1. How do I create a midterm exam in the Quizzes tool
  2. How do I create a midterm grade item or a calculated midterm grade
  3. How do I locate dropped students’ grades?
  4. How do I show students the Final Calculated Grade item?
  5. How do I use Grades?
  6. For more help, visit http://brightspaceresources.ccc.edu


Did you know? 


What’s New in Brightspace? 

Release Notes

Every month Brightspace releases a video of new features. Keep informed and watch below!

September 2020 Highlights

October 2020 Highlights

All Release Notes



Upcoming Training? 

View training course descriptions and recordings here

View training calendar here


  • All About Quizzes Training
  • Thursday 10/8 @ 4pm – Register
  • Monday 10/12 @ 11am – Register
  • Wednesday 10/14 @ 12pm – Register
  • All About Grades Training
  • Friday 10/9 @ 10am – Register
  • Wednesday 10/14 @ 9am – Register
  • Friday 10/16 @ 1pm – Register


Meeting ID: 939 9929 2561
Dial by your location
+1 312 626 6799 US (Chicago)

Drop-in Help

  • Monday 3pm-4pm
  • Tuesday 5pm-6pm
  • Wednesday 10am- 12pm
  • Thursday 10am-11am, 12:30-1:30pm* & 3pm-4pm
  • Friday 12pm-1pm


Meeting ID: 912 6347 0950
Dial by your location
+1 312 626 6799 US (Chicago)

**Please check the training schedule to verify the Zoom room and times.

*Thursdays from 12:30-1:30pm have a different zoom link and are hosted by WR Faculty Champion Dr. Laurie Alfaro


Faculty Spotlight? 

This month we highlight Valerie Pell from Wilbur Wright’s English department. One of the many hats she wore was Wright’s Brightspace Faculty Champion in 2018.

Tenacious, critical, and kind, Valerie made the Brightspace community stronger. While her focus was always her students, she shared her struggles and solutions to Brightspace quirks with us through office hours, videos, and workshops.

She passed away on August 9, 2020. She will be missed. You can contribute to a support fund for Valerie’s family here

Doing something great with Brightspace? Share it with us!

We are always looking for innovative ways that instructors use Brightspace within their classes. Do you have an assignment that translates well to Brightspace? Have you incorporated some of Brightspace’s more advanced features? Do you have unique ways to communicate with students via Brightspace? We would love to showcase the great work that you’re doing.


Help and Resources

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Tech 4 U

Making Technology Work for You 

(Brightspace Newsletter, rebranded for YOU) 

 These past several months have put additional demands on all of youincluding the need to make a rapid change to the way you deliver instruction or engage students. As your instructional technology support team, our job is to make sure you are aware of all of the resources available to you, and to provide you the support you need to feel comfortable introducing them into your classroom. 

New this fallYou have the opportunity to engage students in new ways with tools like VoiceThread, encourage academic integrity with alternative assessment ideas through tools like Turnitin and Respondus, or take advantage of the most recent updates in BrightspaceWhatever your goals, we are here to help you. 

Psst…hidden in this newsletter is an error, find it, share it with your Brightspace team, and you’ll be eligible to win a prize.  

What students say they need from us…. 

At the end of the spring semester, CCC surveyed our students on how they were coping with the challenges brought on by COVID19. We wanted to share the two key take-aways: 

  1. Students were anxious about what they needed to do to complete their work.
  2. Students desired recorded lectures.  

What we might do….

We have compiled the following resources to help you address these needs. 

Use checklists to help students keep on track 

How do I create a checklist?

Record your lectures on Zoom 

How do I create online office hours with my Zoom?

Engage students while saving yourself time and energy  

How do I set up Intelligent Agents (automated emails to students)?

Table of Contents

Course Shells in Brightspace 

Brightspace course shells are created on http://brightspace.ccc.edu before the beginning of the semester. Enrollment in Brightspace course shells corresponds to your assignment in my.ccc.edu. If there is an error, please contact the helpdesk at http://ccc.edu/help. Once a Brightspace course shell is created, students are automatically enrolled and dropped based on the records in CS9. 

You must be listed in CS9/my.ccc.edu as the instructor or you will not have access to your course shell. Check the waffle icon if you do not see all your courses on the homepage because they may be “unpinned”. 

Beginning of the Semester FAQs 

Below are direct links to the most common beginning of the semester issues: 

  1. How do I locate my courses? 
  2. How do I upload my syllabus?
  3. How do I change my course start and end dates? 
  4. How do I copy a course? 
  5. How do I email my students? 
  6. How do I use Grades? 

For more help, visit http://brightspaceresources.ccc.edu 

What’s New in Brightspace? 


Voicethread with Brightspace and Zoom  

Do you know aboutVoicethread?VoiceThread is an interactive, collaborative, web-based tool that that allows user to communicate through images, audio recordings, videos, and text. People can use VoiceThread to set up a discussion board, record a lecture, or show images. Users can add text, audio, or video comments to a VoiceThread, so students can ask questions at a specific point in a lecture or respond to discussion prompts. In addition, instructors can have students create their own VoiceThread presentations as part of an assignment.  

Voicethread is integrated into Brightspace (Existing Activities > External Learning Tools). You can even pull in a Zoom meeting recording directly from the platform. 


VoiceThread Resources: 


Respondus Lockdown Browser and Monitor are now available in all Brightspace courses as optional settings when creating Brightspace Quizzes for those faculty who wish to use them.  

*Please note, Respondus lockdown browser is not yet supported for students using Chromebooks. The company is looking to add support for Chromebooks this fall but no firm date has been given. 


Respondus also has a lot of great resources including live webinars  

TA/Tutor Request Form 

If your substitute, tutor, or intern need Brightspace access, Please click here to request TA/Tutor access to your online classroom. 

Discover Tool 

Allows students the opportunity to choose to connect to Student Services and more at their own discretion. 


Release Notes 

Every month Brightspace releases a video of new features. Keep informed and watch below! 

May 2020 Highlights 

June 2020 Highlights 



July 2020 Highlights-no video 

August 2020 Highlights-no video 

All Release Notes 


Training Options 

Training course description 

 Synchronous Assistance 

Workshops for Registration Week 


 Brightspace Bootcamp (2 hours) – overview of all tools 

Course Copy, Cleanup and Management to Start the Term off Right 

Designing Elements in Brightspace 

Teaching with Zoom 


 Assignments and Discussions in Brightspace 

All About Quizzes 

Course Reporting Tools 

All About Grades 


 Communication Tools in Brightspace 

Teaching Effectively with Zoom 

Break Brightspace Burnout 

Engagement Tools in Brightspace 


 Full Grades Training – Part 1 

Full Grades Training – Part 2 

Brightspace Feedback Tools 

ZOOM Room used for all trainings above 
Zoom Room used for all drop-in help 

1:1 Assistance 

Please click here to schedule 

Department Assistance 

Please click here to schedule 

Asynchronous Assistance 


Visit http://bit.ly/ccctube  – CCC Instructional Technology YouTube site 


Foundations (these are chunked in like 10 to 15 min increments) 

Keep Teaching 

Introduction to Teaching  

Zoom for Teaching (Basics) 

Course Copy, Cleanup, and Management 

  1. Designing Elements in Brightspace 

Brightspace Engagement Tools Training (checklists, awards, intelligent agents) 

Break Brightspace Burnout with these Timesaving Tricks 


Turnitin & Grading 

Quizzes & Grading 

  1. All About Grades Training 




Reporting Tools 


Knowledgebase Articles 

Visit http://brightspaceresources.ccc.edu 


Faculty Spotlight 

We are looking for innovative ways that instructors use Brightspace within their classes. Do you have an assignment that translates well to Brightspace? Have you incorporated some of Brightspace’s more advanced features? Do you have unique ways to communicate with students via Brightspace? We would love to showcase the great work that you’re doing. 

Doing something cool with Brightspace? Share it with us! 

Help and Resources 

  • Videos: Visit http://bit.ly/ccctube  – CCC Instructional Technology YouTube site contains CCC-created videos like a Foundations review, TII, Student overview, course copy and more for you and our students